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And Openers


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Garage Door Types


This is the most common type of residential door that one sees in this area. They emphasize the height, rather than width, of the space.

Ranch / Long Panel / XL Style

Ranch style doors have wider panels than the Colonial Style. They can be seen on homes to emphasize the width, rather than height, of the space.

Carriage House Style

These doors look best on older/rustic homes.

Flush / Contemporary / Modern Style

These doors look best on modern styled homes or commercial applications. Some of them can be completely flush, while others have a grooved, or ribbed appearance.

Electronic Opener Types

Chain Drive

Chain-drive electric openers are the most common, and least expensive to purchase. While somewhat noisy, they are dependable

Belt Drive

While more expensive than a chain-drive opener, belt drive offers quieter operation.


For low-headroom applications, or when you want to keep the ceiling clear, a jackshaft operator is a good bet.

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