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Check out the Wayne Dalton Design Center

Ever wonder how a new garage door would look, on your home? It's easy to picture, with Wayne Dalton's Design Center! It's easy as 1-2-3! Simply upload a photo of your home (or, choose from a pre-existing gallery of homes) Place your door(s) into position Select the...

Can I repaint my CHI door?

Yes, painting instructions for steel doors are found here. We recommend not painting the door unless absolutely necessary. One thing to be cautious of is making sure the paint cures properly, and to not add too many layers of paint so as to prevent the door from...

Garage door maintenance tips from Clopay

How do you properly maintain your garage door? How do you know when it is time for a replacement? The garage door experts at Clopay have all the answers for you here

Insulation and your garage door

(excerpt from Wayne Dalton) Most polystyrene insulated doors can be thicker but have a lower R-Value than polyurethane. If you are looking for thermal efficiency and a high R-Value, do not be fooled by the thickness of the door! A polyurethane insulated door might...